Shrimp Tempura 13
Chicken Tempura 10
Honey mustard and soy sauces.

Shrimp 13
Wild Gulf shrimp sautéed with garlic,
peppers and green onions, served
over fried yucca nest.

Crab Stuffed Poblano 15
Roasted poblano stuffed with fresh
mozzarella and blue crab. Sautéed, served
with pico de gallo, chili mayo and avocado.

* Tuna Tataki 15
#1 Grade Yellow fin
Seared rare, sliced, pickled ginger, wasabi,
seaweed salad.

Mussels 12
White wine, garlic, smoked tomato, cream
and fresh basil with toast slices.

Beef Kabayaki 11
Marinated tenderloin tips, skewered, grilled,
served with ginger soy glaze.

Samosas 10
Pastry wrapped curried potatoes served
with mango and cilantro chutneys.

*Ground Tenderloin Sliders (3) 14
Pretzel rolls, aged cheddar, caramelized

Cheese Board 15
Three artisan cheeses dried cherry compote,
cornichons, toasted baguette slices.

Croissants and Truffle Butter 10
Fresh warm mini croissants.

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts 8
Soup of the Day

Walnuts, Pears & Bleu Cheese 8
With mixed greens tossed with balsamic

Grilled Kale 9
Goat cheese, fresh berries, toasted
pecans, carrots, radish and black
fig vinaigrette.

Baby Romaine Wedge 9
With bleu cheese dressing, bacon, fried
onion strings, carrots and radish.

Scallops 33
Large natural sea scallops, sautéed and servedwith basmati rice, spaghetti squash and bloodorange butter sauce.

Cedar Roasted Salmon 26
Maple and pepper glazed. Roasted on cedar
paper and served with broccolini.

Potato Encrusted Grouper 33
Fresh filet coated with shredded potatoes, sautéedand served with lemon beurre blanc and broccolini.

Spaghetti Squash with Truffles 19
Tossed with olive oil, sautéed mushrooms, spinachand garlic with grilled kale, truffles, toasted pine nuts and parmesan.

Duck Breast 27
Seasoned with freshly ground fennel, grilled,
sliced and served with Mandarin orange gastriquewith quinua-kale cakes.

Amish Airline Chicken Breast 23
Braised with a variety of vegetables, mushrooms and marble potatoes in herb broth with a side of béarnaise.

*Filet Mignon 39
8 oz. barrel cut all-natural beef tenderloin served withdemi-glace, béarnaise and dauphinoise potatoes.

Flat Iron Steak 28
Red wine and balsamic marinated, grilled and sliced. Served with warm giardiniera, balsamic drizzle and pesto tossed pasta.

* Rib-Eye 37
14 oz. Served with smoked garlic compound butter, Demi-glace and mashed potatoes.

*Rack of Lamb 44
Mustard, garlic and panko encrusted, served
with rosemary demi-glace and dauphinoise

Add to Above

Two Scallops 10

Three Shrimp 9

Sides 7

Onion Strings                  Sautéed Spinach Broccolini ​                        Mashed Potatoes         Sautéed Mushrooms      with demi-glace

*The Health Dept. advises that consuming raw or under cooked food at home or in a restaurant may cause illness, especially in the young, elderly and immune deficient.